Terms & Conditions of the support center

Please note that we are not responsible for the security of any information passed on this support area - when passing through admin login details please ensure your ticket is private.

Supplying credentials to us and allowing access to your WordPress or server back-end functions does not in anyway hold us responsible for anything that may or may not of been caused by us gaining this access.

The reason for this disclaimer is because sometimes things happen, beyond our control and proving after the fact that it wasn't us that caused your database to crash, server to stop or loss of information is very difficult. If you host your own site via a hosting company, or any other means, then it is your responsibility to understand what you are doing, how to control access and security and to ensure you have appropriate back-ups of your data and website.

Use of this support center dictates that you have agreed to this disclaimer and the support center's terms, conditions and rules. We withhold the right to alter our terms and conditions at anytime without notification.