A brief explanation of support offered

We offer our support for free. Not a penny is earned from us offering this support and we do this to ensure you have a great experience.

Knowing this, we kindly ask that support requests are not demanded but are respectfully submitted. We do not tolerate rude or demanding behavior and ask that we all just try to work together to solve your issues.

It should be noted that we are not here to teach CSS, HTML or PHP. There are a plethora of tuts sites and the WordPress codex for this. We are here to support our product with you, our awesome buyers, this means that we cannot assist you with editing functions, altering CSS or anything with regard to your personal customizations.

If you need to hire someone for customization work then we may be available or, if we are not, we may be able to recommend a developer for you. Feel free to open a ticket requesting customization of an item with your details to start the conversation.